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So far, there was some excitement in Chennai, but you could hardly say that the tournament was satisfactory. It missed what really is the core value of every sport: Victory and defeat. Magnus Carlsen decided it’s …

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Kasparov for Opposed to the ESFS, Russia Under Threat of Violent Revolution

Marek Holeva | October 19, 2011 – 16:423 Comments | 1,256 views

In 2005, Garry Kasparov rolled up the chessboard for good. He established himself on the political scene. He is currently active in Russian opposition, vocally and fearlessly criticising Vladimir Putin. He also does not spoke kindly about the European Union and the European System of Financial Supervisors. In a shor interview with, Kasparov gives his insight into the Slovak sceptical approach to the ESFS, criticises the EU for issuing money meaninglessly and at the end, he presents the solution to the political situation in Russia.

Transcript: I would like to ask you two questions. In Slovakia and in the whole European Union, the European Financial Stability Facility is the number one topic of the day. Slovakia refused to support it…

Garry Kasparov: I know about that. To begin, I would like to ask you for your opinion on EFSF. The second part of the question would be that even though Slovakia, as a sovereign state, has expressed negative position, it is forced to conform to the orders from the EU. Do you consider it a certain analogy to the authoritarian regime similar to tha in Russia?

Garry Kasparov: Oh, no, there is no need for any complicated analogies. However, I have spoken at the yesterday’s Big Ideas for Central and Eastern Europe and my first phrase was that Slovakia, a country of 5.5 million inhabitants has saved 440 billion Euros for a day. Unfortunately, for a single day. From my point of view, what is happening in Europe, what was happening in America in the recent years is politician’s absolutely irresponsible effort to lengthen the agony of system that is unmaintainable. It erodes the very essence of capitalism, when they tell us “Too Big to Fail”, too big to go bankrupt. It means that we stop living in a free market, it means that some organisations are becoming “more equal than the others”. This, obviously, is the path to nowhere. Current crisis is stemming not from the principles of free market becoming dated, but from their constant erosion. They are being eroded because of the advantage of the more powerful. In America, they have already realized this. In America, they have stopped printing money. Unfortunately the Europe continues. We all know that all this idea about saving Greece is in fact the rescue of French and German banks, which used to buy cheap Greek government bonds with high interest rates. Printing money leads to nothing. America has lost more money during the last few years, than it lost during the whole World War II, generating no employment.  The unemployment is above 9 percent. All the money produced is not used to generate employment, but it goes to stock markets, to oil, to gold. Therefore I hope that the European union and the parliaments of the large countries will understand that funding of markets is leading nowhere, because printing money provides no solution. Somebody has to pay for it. It means that we load the backs of our children with our own responsibility for not being able to resolve our economic problems. Thank you. If I could ask just another question, regarding the Russian politics, because the parliamentary election is imminent…

Garry Kasparov: There will be no election. No need to confuse people. In Russia, anything exists, excepting the elections. In fact we may call it KGB-style special operation, codenamed the Election. Unfortunately, the Europe and America comply with this provocation. We asked the European union not to send any observers, as there is nothing to observe. All results are apparent in advance, it is understandable that people’s votes will have no effect, because the outcome has already been determined. We know that in Moscow, in some regions of Russia, the electorate could be greater than 100%. Nobody is concerned. However, it has already happen multiple times, in effect we are reverting to the Soviet times, therefore, in my opinion, the right approach is to simply ignore [the election]. In Russia, the government is not democraticaly legitimate, in fact, nobody is voting for it. All the rumors about Putin being popular, that he won in democratic election, nobody can believe that. Ten months ago in Egyptian election, Mubarak had gained the support of 90% of citizens and when the nation went onto the streets, it turned out that there was nobody to defend the government. Because of that, the first and most important thing to do is to stop pretending that Putin is equally democratically elected leader as Merkel, Sarkozy or Obama. It will not resolve all problems at once, but in fact it will at least dissolve some points, at least we will be able to call thing their names. Do you think that to change this duumvirate of Putin and Medvedev…

Garry Kasparov: No, there is no duumvirate. You know, they are often asking me my opinion on castling. Castling means that chess pieces are involved. In fact, it is Putin that moves the pieces. Medvedev may be the king today, but tomorrow he could be a pawn. It is clear that there is a leader, that moves the pieces. The role of Medvedev will be the one he will be told. The question is, how could it be changed? By revolt, or what other way?

Garry Kasparov: ”Unfortunately, change due to election like in Serbia, Ukraine or Georgia is not going to happen in Russia. Putin has no plans to leave. Therefore, Russia has can only choose either the Lybian or the Egyptian way. However, I am concerted, knowing that Putin is not allergic to blood, that the Lybian way is the more probable. Thank you.

(Kasparov talked to A. Riabov.)

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