Carslen vs. Anand: Magnus on His Way to the Title?
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So far, there was some excitement in Chennai, but you could hardly say that the tournament was satisfactory. It missed what really is the core value of every sport: Victory and defeat. Magnus Carlsen decided it’s …

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Have You Defeated a Chess Grandmaster Today?

Stanislav Pavlovič | September 22, 2011 – 14:44One Comment | 1,214 views
Have You Defeated a Chess Grandmaster Today?

All right, playing against a chess Grandmaster is not an everyday occasion. There are just a few ways to play a game against one. One way is to master chess well enough you could face one in real life. It usually takes a lot of training, full devotion and a few years from your life.

Luckily, there is another way of gaining an opportunity to play against a GM. could provide you with it.

For two weeks now, we have been organizing online simuls against GM Jan Markos, currently the best player in Slovakia. Intense battles have been fought and we have found out, with all due respect, that Grandmaster is just a title, not an assurance of invincibility. A player called brazilian was able to prevail and still remains the only one to accomplish that.

Is it really an exception that affirms the truth? Or is there another brave and competent challenger, that could overcome?

If you have enough courage, there is nothing easier, then visiting our tournaments page and registering for next simul. Before you attest your skills against the Grandmaster himself, you must prove yourself worthy in a qualification round.

After that, the path to your glorious victory is cleared. Except the Grandmaster in the way, but definitely… You know what to do with that. :)

P.S.: Regarding the qualifications, it is not as strict as written above. Even if you don’t qualify, there is always a backdoor access: One ticket to the simul is always awarded to randomly chosen atendees of qualification round.

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