Carslen vs. Anand: Magnus on His Way to the Title?
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So far, there was some excitement in Chennai, but you could hardly say that the tournament was satisfactory. It missed what really is the core value of every sport: Victory and defeat. Magnus Carlsen decided it’s …

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What exactly is a checkmate?

Dominik Čech | February 25, 2011 – 21:593 Comments | 1,491 views
What exactly is a checkmate?
We bring you some opinions regarding the goal we are all trying to achieve when we play chess. So what exactly is a checkmate?
Theoretician: The decisive advantage obtained by fatal weakening of both white and black squares.
Positional player: Schematic maneuver on the kingside
Tournament wolf: A fairy tale. Opponents stop the clock before it happens 99% of the time.
Café player: My everyday cup of coffee.
Kibitzer: The thing I always see two moves before the players.
Psychologist: A moment in the life of the subject, very often leading to shock. Ecstatically depressive
Mathematician: A difficult construction task, the formula of which is unknown at the moment.

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Comments (3)

  • Niki Varholakova says:

    And the female player thinks: I am gonna check-mate my opponent… hm… I am gonna be the frist in this tournament… what means.. I am gonna have a new parfume of Dior!!!!!!

    • Dominik Čech says:

      :-D That’s the beauty of chess: it enables everyone to get what they want from the game ;-)

    • Dwayne says:

      What oneping and What oneping and defense would you recommend to somebody who doesn’t want to memorize a lot of different lines? In other words, I’m looking for for an attack/defense in which the moves stay about the same regardless the opponent’s moves. It’s OK if the result is sub-optimal, since as a pre-novice I’d play only against other pre-novices. Any suggestion will be much appreciated.

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