Carslen vs. Anand: Magnus on His Way to the Title?
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So far, there was some excitement in Chennai, but you could hardly say that the tournament was satisfactory. It missed what really is the core value of every sport: Victory and defeat. Magnus Carlsen decided it’s …

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Psychology: The Secret Weapon of Chess

FM Dominik Csiba | February 6, 2012 – 18:292 Comments | 1,221 views
Psychology: The Secret Weapon of Chess

Imagine a typical after-match conversation with your friend. You speak about how you beat your opponent in one devastating assault, or outplayed him slowly by meticulous manoeuvring. How you used a low-profile, but pretty effective tactics for gaining a strategic advantage, or overwhelmed him in a really complicated endgame. Few months ago, I had a similar conversation. I told my friend that I defeated my opponent using psychology. I would like to share the following game to illustrate how by using psychology, it’s possible to gain a full-point against a stronger opponent.

As we have seen in this game, psychology could really become a winning edge in a game of chess, making it possible to beat stronger foes. The first idea was to prevent the opponent from winning. After entering a drawing position, he tried to complicate it and he tried to leave as many pieces on the board as possible. The second important idea was about time pressure. Creating long-term threats, which makes your opponent calculate every move is a good way to distracting your opponent under time pressure.

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Comments (2)

  • Indrakala says:

    Thank you for wrtniig this article in terms readers can actually understand. This topic can be confusing, but you made it so clear that I am glad I landed here.

  • Karim says:

    30 August, 2011 at 10:31 pmHand 1 I pnolreasly would play the turn differently, either i fold there and then because i beleive my read that he has the Q or i re raise if i don’t have him on that small a range. The reason i do that is to either take the pot there and then or commit to the hand knowing i can’t fold if he shoves.

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